At CnA media Consulting our goal is to help you use the best technology, in the best way, to meet your goals as an organization.

I’m Allan Buckingham, Principal Consultant at CnA media Consulting. I’m a big geek who loves the outdoors, and helping people enjoy the things I love as well.  

For me there’s nothing like taking people out canoeing for the first time, or helping them sort out how best to do that thing they’re sure must be possible. Today’s technology can help create amazing events. I love helping you take that I idea you have and figuring out what’s needed to actually make it happen.  

I’ve spent over 15 years helping churches and church organizations plan events and figure out how best to use the technology available to them. I’d love to help you on your next event or project as well. 

Other consultants are used as necessary in order to make sure you get the best advice available to plan your event, or find the right technology for your situation.