About Us: CnA media Consulting

At CnA media Consulting our goal is to help you use the best technology, in the best way, to meet your goals as an organization.

Who We Are

Allan Buckingham, CnA media Consulting

Allan Buckingham
Principal Consultant

I’m a big geek who loves the outdoors, and helping people enjoy the things I love as well. For me there’s nothing like taking people out canoeing for the first time, or showing them how to use their new smartphone, or talking with them about social media best practices. I just really enjoy helping people do the things they want to be doing. When I’m not playing with technology or in the outdoors, I’ve spent my time working as an Audio Producer for commercial radio, as Radio Program Director for a not for profit information radio station and Media Coordinator for a not for profit before starting my own consulting business. Now I work hard to help businesses and other organizations to use the available media to help them reach their audience and achieve their goals.



Other consultants are used as necessary in order to make sure you get the best advice available to solve your media & technology problems.